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It is awkward and the girl will wonder where to put the flowers while you guys eat.Believe me when I say, she will feel uncomfortable carrying a bouquet of flowers at an amusement park, concert or anywhere. I mean, tell a guy your woes and they’ll do what they can to fix them. Paying for something that’s just going to die in a week certainly isn’t the most practical thing to buy as a gift. Whether the “fix” be knocking someone out or fixing your car, men like to solve problems. Usually a cheap, empty vase that’s not good for much of anything except hiding under the sink. Why not spend your money on something she would have forever – or at least longer than a week. ) Quite frankly, all of the ideas above are top notch. They really do mean more to a woman than just colorful plants waiting to die. But I’m here to tell you: Do not write off giving flowers to your woman!

But there are wrong and right times to bring flowers and it does not have to be roses always. Every day is the right time except if it’s a blind date or double date and you are just meeting your date for the first time. Think about it, you are just about to meet a girl for the first time. Even if you like her instantly, there is no guarantee that she will take an instant liking to you too. Giving flowers to a girl you have never met will be appreciated by the receiver but those flowers will not mean anything to her.So it shouldn’t surprise anyone to know that most men consider buying flowers a waste of money. You pay and they slowly wither and die before your eyes. I mean, for the price of roses on Valentine’s day, you could buy her a Kindle for God’s sake! Instead (says The Man) why not buy her a dvd of the first movie you saw together? Have you had a funny situations with flowers in Russia? In television and movies the guys would bring flower to a girl they will date. That’s why the tradition will continue despite the advent of technology.

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