Dating abused women

Well me and her disagreed and i was just like well yeah..whatever.

As a result, few people realize that a man can be the partner that is victimized in an abusive relationship.

Many people have preconceived ideas and prejudices about domestic violence.

The first thing that usually springs into their minds is an image of a man beating a woman.

There are professionals trained to work with these people, give yourself a break unless you are a trained professional, better for your own good to stay away from these types of people. People - overwhelmingly women - remain in an abusive household for a variety of reasons: economic, parental (to protect the children), and psychological.

Good lucks "follies a deux" and the "Stockholm Syndrome" capture facets - two of a myriad - of this danse macabre. But the objective obstacles facing the battered spouse cannot be overstated.

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