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2.2) and follow a management plan shall constitute a violation of this policy.

Kunzi's course work suffered after she ended a "personal relationship" with the professor, she claimed in a lawsuit filed in federal court.Last year, Pratt was dismissed on Valentine's Day after an alleged incident with another student.He was fired for violating the university's amorous- ASU's policy required him to disclose the relationship and immediately remove himself from a position of academic authority over the student.(It is mentioned that her brother-in-law ran off leaving the company in disarray and it is implied that he ran off with the millions Joe made for him and left his wife to take the blame.The result is her being in federal prison and the reason for the children having to stay with Mel.) She explains that there is a hiring freeze downtown so she can't get him a job. Joe takes Ryder to school so Mel won't miss her meeting.

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