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The series saw many adjustments in scheduling and titling throughout its run.

A continuation for syndication premiered on February 22, 1988, later revamped as Super Sloppy Double Dare on January 22, 1989.

Dynamics (Kate & Tanya) (BT41.2) -1986-Panthers (Irvin & Shaunda) vs. Wrecking Crew (Courtney & Kristen) (BR12.2) -1986-Devastation Combination (Darren & Sandy) vs. Part of open cut (RP8.6) -1986-Equalizers (Sharon & Brad) vs. Somewhat rough audio (RP9.2) -1986-Psychedelics (Brian & Krissy) vs. Cruisers (Eric & Jessica) (BR.5) -1986-Monkeys (Molly & Julie) vs. Dizzies (Elizabeth & David) (BR3.1) -1986-Whatchamacallits (Mary Ellen & Fred) vs. Schizophrenics (Deena & Corey) (JP42.9) -1987-Run UMS (Lauren & Jim) vs. Money Hungry Team (Matt & Bobby) (220.7) -1987-Titans (Tanya & Mike) vs. Uses a bunch of different fonts atypical to this season (first taped '88 episode? Chocolate & Vanilla (Tim & Wendy) (personal significance: the first regular Double Dare episode I ever saw! Red Falcons (Chris & Allison) (517.4) -1988-Peanut Gallery (Dave & Stephanie) vs. Radical Raisins (Jessica & Raoul) (204.3) -1988-The Devastating Crew (Ron & Alicia) vs. Blasters (Debbie & Billy) (RP7.4) -1988-Thunder (Dori & Jesse) vs. Leeched Love Boils (Tim & Theresa) (BT37.4) -1989-Bulging Boogers (Audrey & Derek) vs. Claig & Scott were on the "How To Throw a Double Dare Party" tape! Hot Peppers (Laura & Jay) (JP51.5) -1989-Bodacious Beach Bums (Amy & Jason) vs. Datz-Lerner (Jerry, John, Myrna, & Lou Ferrigno) vs. ) Original commercials (DC2.10) -1988-Scharles (Rich, Danielle, Brian, & Chris) vs. Picture jumpy, Nickelodeon commercials (JR.6) -1988-Dugary (Bob, Joy, Danielle, & Sue) vs.

Pickle Heads (Tracy & John) (BT41.1) -1986-Raiders (Dave & David) vs. Beach Bums (Brian & Christy) (BR16.2) -1987-Whatchamacallits (Len & Jennifer) vs. Odd question error; all three choices in a multiple choice question are right (BR16.3) -1987-Wombats (Felecia & Eddie) vs. Marc celebrates memorizing the rules by ripping up the cue cards! Thermonuclear Hostess Ding Dongs (William & Sherri). Episode from early in the season with a different question font (222.1) -1988-Earthquakes (Kevin & Holly) vs. Totally Tubular Twosome (David & Carrie) (RP9.1) -1988-Eliminators (Chris & Jennifer) vs. Crushing Duo (Stacy & David) (RP2.3) -1988-Tacizzas (Sarah & Mike) vs. Belly Button Lint (Albert & Angie) (RP4.2) -1989-Cesspool Sardine Sweethearts (Andrea & Jeffrey) vs. Eugha Elves (Nikki & Mike) (FD4.1) -1989-Chill Dills (David & Sarissa) vs. Doerr (Fran, Shelley, Frannie, & Roni) (AR2.3) -1988-Winward (Ron, Ron Jr., Tricia, & Pat) vs. Nickelodeon commercials (FD.1) -May 21, 1988-Celebrities help the families!

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A study released in 2003 by the United Kingdom's Office for National Statistics concluded that the proportion of women in England and Wales marrying younger men rose from 15% to 26% between 19.

Double Dare remains Nickelodeon's longest-running game show.

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Choosing to Take the Dare Getting Ready for the Dare Completing the Dare Moving on After the Dare Community Q&A Truth or dare is a game that most kids play at some point, and the dare to kiss someone is likely to come up.

Kissing on a dare can be a stressful experience, especially if it’s your first kiss.

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