Error updating mobileme iweb vc fast dating

Another problem that seems to have affected many users is one regarding colors.

I have read posts on a few sites of colors not matching logos or page backgrounds as they did in previous versions.

My personal domain is [URL]- it was bought through Easily [URL] and is still managed by them.

I transferred the hosting to Mobile Me, however, by creating the relevant CNAME entry, so in my DNS management area for this domain over at Easily the entries look as follows [URL] There are two name servers set up : [URL] The personal domain is set up in Mobile Me fine, and I can create sites in i Web and upload them with no issues.

Everything was working and updating properly until i updated with iwebs SEO TOOL.

Apple has now provided instructions on how pre-Lion systems can access i Cloud email via manually configuring the mail client.One recurring bugbear about the FTP uploading now built into i Web is that it doesn’t allow you to optimize your files first (such as add extra HTML like Google Analytics) before uploading your files to your web host; so if you are buying i Web 09 for this option alone, you may want to wait for i Web 10.Several posters on the Apple i Web 09 forums are reporting problems uploading to Windows based servers (rather than Linux) so if you plan to use the FTP function, check your web host first. I have had a like box for a while on my website but wanted to upgrade it to one showing recent posts. I went to the social plugins section and created the box for my page ...So I created a nice 6 page website nr using nr via dropbox public folder.

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