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Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Presents Grant to GOBHis Excellency Mr. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of Belize on Thursday, May 9th.The cheque represents a Grant to Belize for the year 2013 under the Bilateral Cooperation Program between Belize and the Republic of China (Taiwan) for the period 2013 to 2016.With the opening of Lobster season right around the corner (June 15th) Belize is gearing up once again to host its annual lobster fests.Lobster season in Belize marks the opening of much anticipated annual festivities that draws lobster lovers from near and far.

On top of it all, as a person with a pronounced non-American accent, I had to actively work at feigning a strong American accent alongside the requisite chat line “sound.” I took a cutlass to the Trini inflection of my words, chopped my accent out and blunted the sound on consonants like the “t” in party that was typical of the American accent.

Even though phone chat is a legitimate industry that generates hundreds of millions of dollars every year, it hasn’t been well represented until now.

Phone sex and chatline websites look old and are known for being vulgar, spammy and even dangerous in some cases.

On the phone, you are able to engage with various individuals in a unique way: through the medium of the analog and or the caller’s mobile phone.

You hear voices and nuances, you talk, flirt, share and arouse and release through language and sound.

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With events taking place in Placencia, Caye Caulker and San Pedro, lobster junkies have not only one but THREE opportunities to indulge in the goodness of scrumptious local lobster dishes. The event kicks off in the San Pedro from June 15th-23rd.

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