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In Experiment 2, new updating tasks were designed to clarify this: a spatial updating task with no numbers, a numerical task with no calculation, and a word task.

The results showed that both MUcalc and the spatial task were able to predict the performance of MMM but only with the more difficult problems, while other updating tasks did not predict performance.

Working memory is of key importance in dealing with the demands of everyday life, especially when information that has been briefly presented must be retained and cognitively processed, or when a task needs to be performed or a goal achieved.

Many diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Huntington's chorea, Parkinson's disease or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are associated with impairments of working memory and consequent difficulties in coping with everyday tasks.

Serial position curves were compared in conditions of high or low memory load, and with or without interference of a secondary (prospective memory, PM) task.

Several authors propose that restructuring of the problem representation requires controlled search processes, which needs planning and involvement of WM.

Other researchers suggest that the restructuring is achieved through the automatic spread of activation in long-term memory, assigning a limited role to WM capacity.

The modeling results imply that WMC is a strong predictor of WMU skills in general, although some component processes-in particular, substitution skills-were independent of WMC.

Hence, the reported predictive power of WMU measures may rely largely on common WM functions also measured in typical WMC tasks, although substitution skills may make an independent contribution to predicting higher mental abilities.

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The client’s task is to decide whether the current photograph matches the one that was shown one, two or three places back (the number of places varies with the level). If it does not match, the red button must be pressed.

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