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But don't fret if you can't find anyone to play it with. Unlike many RPGs, the focus is on fighting rather than exploration - learning knew fighting combos is the key to success. But in all other respects, Talesworth Arena is a pretty standard RPG game, although - it should be said - a very well produced one.Those of a nervous disposition are advised to press the back button now.Over the years, he's done amazingly at providing the power necessary to operate many a review game but lately, Fenris's withers have begun to grey.

I skipped over some of the more familiar answers - overclocking is homicide in the sweltering tropics and I like Fenris too much to put him to pasture - so don't be too surprised about their absence. One of my oldest memories involves hours spent staring at a CRT monitor as the associated PC primly rearranged its metaphorical file cabinets.Plus, as you progress in the game, you gain Turanggamasa level, allowing you to deploy more powerful monsters against your enemies. Nothing innovative there but the cool 3D-esque graphics, beautifully designed and animated characters and generally high production values set this well above your average Flash RPG. Build up your reputation and join one of several factions in the game.Then, decide to take the path of good or evil as you explore and battle your way through the game world. Slickly produced, this is a great classic-style RPG. It is said in RPG circles that Mardek is a game that you either love or hate.The latest game - Boxhead: The Zombie Wars is one of the slickest (and bloodiest) zombie games out there. He loves nothing more than sharing his infectious illness with as many people as possible, and he has at his disposal a particularly insidious infection, one that turns people into zombies. If that wasn't bad enough on its own, the kidnappers are zombies.Your task on each level of the game is to infect or kill all the people within 60 seconds. A sequel - Infectionator: World Dominator - fleshes out the original game, providing a campaign mode in which you infect the whole world continent by continent. Thus begins Zombies Took My Daughter, an innovative and fun little zombie game. Find items and solve puzzles in this atmospheric point and click game, and help the hero to track down a remedy to cure a zombie illness that has struck down the local population. A classic top-down zombie game where you have to fend off wave after wave of undead monsters.

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