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I think this is a power trip thing, or else just basic inconsiderate behavior, or else a ploy to get you feeling insecure and jumpy and greedy for any kind of communication from him. As Susan puts it, "Even if it's charming and he couches it in terms of wanting you really badly, it's still pressure. A man who wants something real with you will respect your decision about timing." Totally. Does any one of these rules, by itself, signal a player? Produce strong children, provide for a family, and protect the family from danger.This criteria makes men that participated in sports at a high level very attractive to women.

Let’s start with the basics, what is a player and how does joining online dating sites suit their purpose?Just to give you an idea of how sick and twisted these people can be, a few years ago when I first joined a dating site I immediately received a message from a lady which said “just to warn you, as you are definately his type, this guy “username” is a player on this site.After he had finished with me recently he actually sent a critique with an overall score out of 10 and a list of ladies on the same site, along with their scores, to make comparisons with. Got a weakness for that buff babe who treats girls like they're replaceable?Can't resist his bad boy image and willing to take a chance?

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