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Monday 9/4/17, pm, Hilton 204-207 Title: Wrap-Up And Feedback Description: Come and join the Skeptic Track folks for a discussion about the past weekend.

What worked, what you liked, and what should we strive to do for 2018?

They want to feel secure that they are doing it "right." The truth?

Billy has been Poly identified since 2004, but believes he has always been poly, since he began dating. His first experience with multiple relationships was asking someone to the prom as a 2nd date.

They didn’t react kindly at the notion they were back up in case the plans with the first fell through.

The only steadfast rules of poly are the same rules that apply to any relationship... Ethical polyamory includes transparent communication, authenticity of self, and an openness to others' wants and needs.

Beyond that, polyamory is completely customizable according to your comfort and experience.

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We’ll cover issues like finding partners, coming out, and passing, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of with poly families and the strategies kids and parents use to deal with disadvantages.

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