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Picasso could be capricious when it came to authenticating his own work.On one occasion, he refused to sign a canvas he knew he had painted, saying, “I can paint false Picassos just as well as anybody.” On another, he refused to sign an authentic painting, explaining to the woman who had brought it to him, “If I sign it now, I’ll be putting my 1943 signature on a canvas painted in 1922.Picasso was, by some estimates, one of the wealthiest men in the world when he died, in 1973.In the early 1980s, after years of legal wrangling and well-publicized squabbling over the settlement of his estate, his heirs established a committee to officially authenticate his works.And the intended hanging orientation for some paintings was unclear because he had demonstrated some flexibility in regard to that issue when he was alive.Added to the magnitude of possible questions this situation raised for the advisors to the Louis Estate was the fact that Louis had kept no records, diary, or notes relating to his paintings, nor had he corresponded with anyone about these matters except Clement Greenberg. He never permitted anyone (including his wife) access to his studio while he was working and rarely invited anyone into the studio at all.

The painting includes the date, title, and Koko's signature printed at the bottom.When it comes to evaluating paintings, you definitely need an expert.Paintings are original works of art and require special skills to authenticate them and to value them.This created a situation that dealers say has been time-consuming and awkward, particularly because auction houses, faced with dual (and dueling) authentication options, were increasingly requiring certificates from both heirs.That state of affairs changed last September when four of Picasso’s five surviving heirs—Claude, Paloma Picasso, Bernard Ruiz-Picasso, and Marina Ruiz-Picasso—circulated a letter announcing the establishment of a new procedure for authenticating works by the artist.

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Gorillas Koko and Michael have produced many beautiful paintings over the years, some representational and some more abstract.

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