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Broward County Dennis Moore, who told police he was a retired police officer, was charged with stalking and harassing the Coral Gables police officer who arrested him on a domestic violence charge in May. James Kennedy Ministries, based in Fort Lauderdale, filed a suit in federal court Tuesday alleging that the Southern Poverty Law Center had defamed them by calling them a hate group.

Health & Fitness The Children’s Television Network, which recently picked up an innovative new show, will be extending its coverage internationally.With a current police force consisting of 17 Sworn Officers, several Reserve Officers and four civilian dispatchers, we provide Professional Police service to our residents 24 hours a day, seven days a week.The West Miami Police Department (WMPD) is dedicated to providing the citizens of our community the utmost in Professional Police service.Nature-based solutions use natural systems, mimic natural processes, or work in tandem with traditional approaches to address these specific hazards. population lives in counties where federally-declared, weather-related disasters have occurred since 2010.Communities across the country— along rivers or coasts, large or small, rural or urban— can incorporate nature-based solutions in local planning, zoning, regulations, and built projects to help reduce their exposure to flood and erosion impacts. Smart nature-based solutions provide multiple benefits, giving communities high returns on their investments in flood risk reduction strategies.

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