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I had to buy a new computer, and got a different anti-virus program.I contacted Norton to cancel, and to get a refund for the 131 days left in my subscription.Many would describe the first one rather as an update than upgrade.Anyhow, we'll keep it that the version change, as well as product change is an upgrade.I had Norton 360 Premium on my computer to protect against viruses and malware. I ran scans after re-starting, and Norton informed me that my computer was safe.The last time this happened, I was unable to run a restore program, and could only get a blank screen.

Automated update process will detect your software and its version, and make an upgrade selection accordingly.

Symantec Live Update can be run in Interactive Mode or in Express Mode.

In Interactive mode, users decide which updates to download and apply.

If you select a manual process, you will simply select your software and its current version which will trigger a selection of the latest version.

Both automated and manual processes will end up by having you download Norton Download Manager which will automatically download and install your product.

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