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..of course finishing with "The Golden Rule.” Enjoy this companion to The Polio Paradox while you support, with your tax deductible donation to the International Centre for Polio Education, their world-wide work of educating about the need for continued polio vaccination and about the needs, cause and treatment of Post-Polio Sequelae.

More / Purchase THE POLIO SURVIVORS HANDBOOK, given to all Post-Polio Institute patients, contains the research-based and time-tested protocol that has been found to successfully treat Post-Polio Sequelae.

This implementation uses XSLT1 and XSLT2 and can run in any environment that can invoke XSLT transformations.

To Implementation While Schematron can express most of the same constraints that can be expressed in grammar-based schema languages such as XSD (W3C XML Schemas), RELAX NG and DTDs, very often it is used as an adjunct to supplement the intrinsic weak points of grammars if necessary, or to express constraints that may belong to a different conceptual layer such as business rules.

Some examples: The major implementation is the skeleton implementation here at

// This script is an example of posting multiple files using // fsockopen.

I have posted on the women's health forums here, but since i have ruled out std's, fungus, bacteris, yeast, hormone levels, strep-B, etc etc, this is clearly a skin issue.

What happens is that I get occassional redness and mild itching of the vulva. has observed that my cervix is also reddened at these times.

Warning UDP sockets will sometimes appear to have opened without an error, even if the remote host is unreachable.

The error will only become apparent when you read or write data to/from the socket.

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